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Moldavite is a tektite, and a stone of intense frequency and high vibration. In ancient times it was thought to be a mystical stone that could bring good luck and fulfillment of wishes.

These natural green crystals are powerful stones for transformation, as it is thought to be the stone known as "The Holy Grail Stone."

It is an amazing crystal to create change in your life. It is one of the best stones to use for psychic protection as negative entities find it difficult to connect to your aura when you are wearing it.

This crystal is found in only one area of the world, and the meaning of the name Moldavite relates to the Moldau River in Czechoslovakia.

A meteorite of enormous size and incredible impact is known to have crashed in the Czechoslovakian mountain region around 15 million years ago.

This event is believed to have created melted material that fell to earth and created these beautiful green crystals.

All of the pieces of this crystal has been found in the Czech Republic, close to the area where this event occurred.

This amazing stone was created by the heat of an extraordinary force most likely with more power than an atomic explosion.

Moldavite crystals have a powerful crystal energy, that is known for its action to stimulate highly beneficial occurrences of coincidence and synchronicity in your life.

This unusual green crystal is certainly the stone to choose if you are on the spiritual path and you are looking for a high crystal energy stone to assist you.

This is a high vibration crystal that is very beneficial to aid you to more easily receive messages from the higher realms. Very powerful!
Sterling Silver Moldavite Ring
$165.00 USD

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