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Renewable, all-natural, comfortable, discrete, biodegradable and money saving alternative to Tampons. Sea-Sponges are women’s new best friends for life!! And here is why;

•A tampon is just a piece of cotton that’s shaped so that it absorbs blood so that it doesn't come out. Menstrual sponges are doing the same thing because that’s what sponges do naturally.
•A woman trash between 250 and 300 pounds of pads, tampons and applicators in a lifetime. That’s totally unsustainable, for how long can we carelessly destroy our planet’s resources?

•85% of tampons are contaminated with glyphosate. When you use a Sea-Sponge you also avoid exposure to chemicals and pesticides and artificial fragrance used on cotton Tampons and Pads.

•Rather than containing unhealthy byproducts like dioxins, Sea-Sponges naturally contains beneficial sea minerals and enzymes that discourage odors and bacteria growth.
•Sea-Sponges naturally conforms to the shape of a woman’s body and for this reason Sponges are much more comfortable than Tampons, Pads and Menstrual Cups. (You can also easily trim yours in case they are too big).
•Sea-Sponges can be worn during sex to avoid a mess when you are on your period.
•Sea-Sponges are plant-like organisms that grow in colonies in the ocean, similar to coral. When they are harvested small piece of the sponge is left behind so that it can regrow. This makes Sea-Sponges very renewable.
•Sea-Sponges will last up to 6 months or longer when properly cared for.
Keep in mind that Sea-sponges are natural items and they may not look all the same, and they may not look how they appear in the photos.

Whether your new sea-sponges look clean or not, you should wash them carefully before use. When your sponges arrive soak them in warm water with one OR a few of the options bellow;
-White vinegar
-Tea-Tree Oil
-Natural soap like Dr. Bronner’s

*Repeat this process between each cycle.
Wet the sponge in water and squeeze it to make sure it’s softened. Insert the sponge into your vagina until you no longer feel it. 

To remove insert your fingers, grab and pull it out, if you prefer you can squat and squeeze you perineal floor muscles to help the sponge to come further out so you can grab it easier.

Rinse the sponge with fresh water and squeeze it out before reinserting it. If you are using a public restroom you can carry a bottle of water with you.

If you have a very heavy flow you can either se your sponge more often or you 2 sponges at the same .

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Sea Sponge Tampon
$12.11 USD

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