$27.77 USD

Que Sera Crystals have a quite good energy to lift you if you are depressed and to calm you when you are angry or stressed. Using this crystal is one of the ways to help to relieve stress.

It’s vibration works a bit like plugging you into an extra power source. This energy can be compared to recharging your batteries, and it works both physically and energetically, bringing through deep healing.

This crystal also aids protection from electromagnetic energy given off by computers, so it is an excellent stone to grid rooms where you are using electronic equipment.

They are excellent stones to aid you if you feel apprehensive or if you are experiencing strong feelings of fear including a number of phobias.

Use it within the solar plexus chakra if you have personal power issues that you would like to resolve. Use it at the sacral or navel chakra if you are experiencing fatigue.

Materials: Garnet
Que Sera Sera Obelisk (3”-4”)
$27.77 USD

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