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There are many different colors of this topaz stone, but one of the most popular ones is the Lemon Topaz. Recognized and known throughout time as a healing stone of great power, the Lemon Topaz goes back over two thousand years in history.

In fact the Ancient Egyptians used to believe that the Lemon Topaz took on its brilliant yellow hue from the golden power of the Sun God, Ra. In its purest form the Topaz stone can range from transparent to translucent.

Despite this characteristic the Lemon Topaz exhibits a high level of clarity although it can have a few inclusions.

The Greeks believed that the Lemon Topaz meant to seek, which gives meaning to the gems powers of investigation and intelligence. The Lemon Topaz is highly prized for its brilliance by jewelers and collectors, and its glassy luster makes it extremely attractive no matter what kind of jewelry setting it happens to be in.
Lemon Topaz Obelisk (1.5"-2")
$35.00 USD

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