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Tanzurine is the name given to a recently discovered form of Quartzite from northern Tanzania. It had been found as two distinct coloured forms one being a mid to deep ruby red toned known as Cherry Tanzurine and is believed to contain a lithium based Mica the second form is a mid to deep green toned known as Emerald Tanzurine and is believed to contain the chromium based mica Fuchsite. Both forms are very similar to Aventurines.

The frequency of Emerald Tanzurine connects to the heart and opening the heart chakra so that one is able to view one’s life’s experiences from a place of loving awareness.

The green ’emerald’ form helps to support emotional balance so that one can face life with an emotionally secure manner and heart centred awareness.
Emerald Tanzurine (Raw)
$32.22 USD

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