$23.33 USD

For something so small and beautiful, kyanite can align all the chakras in your body and restore its balance and harmony.

It can promote a calming effect on your being while keeping you centered. It’s because when the chakras are balanced and open, you can freely express what you think or feel.

Kyanite is the crystal of connection that creates pathways from your mind to your heart, and it keeps this two strongly connected.

It can open your mind and enhance telepathic and psychic abilities, too.

When you are surrounded by the healing energies of blue kyanite, you can easily bridge communication gaps with people.

-Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire helps increase intuition, mental clarity. Blue Sapphire assist with channeling healing energies from the Angelic Realm and higher dimensions.
Sapphire in Kyanite (Raw)
$23.33 USD

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