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CHAKRA(S): Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Transpersonal and Etheric



CHARACTERISTICS: Light activation, aura balancing, emotional healing and communication, empathy, and channeling


ATTRIBUTES: Hemimorphite is a stone of transformation that manifests the well-being on many levels, blending joy and sorrow into compassionate involvement and empathy for others. Grief transforms into joy with the support of this stone, as one stops resisting emotion and is able to let go. It allows one to be responsible for their own state of happiness or unhappiness. Blue Hemimorphite enhances the ability for one to communicate the truth of one’s feelings and is especially helpful for healing dysfunctional relationships. Hemimorphite may enable one to be open to communication, as a medium or a channel, with beings who have transitioned over to the spiritual realms. Hemimorphite is a stone of light activation, assisting one in integrating more light into the energetic, emotional, and physical bodies. Blue Hemimorphite enhances the natural talents of healers and spiritual counselors and helps one to understand the powerful ancient techniques of healing.

Source: Ravencrystals.com
Hemimorphite Bracelet (8mm)
$34.33 USD

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